Promoting Responsible Gaming in India with 1win

The brand places a significant emphasis on responsible gaming in its approach to policies. The main focus is to tackle any difficulties related to gambling mania. The brand sees it as its direct responsibility to protect players from getting too involved in gambling and to keep minors away from it.
The bookie strongly supports internationally accepted responsible gaming policies and works tirelessly to ensure that its bettors can enjoy a secure and thrilling gaming experience while maintaining control on the site or 1Win app.

Responsible play in 1Win India

Responsible Gaming Practices

Betting with a bookmaker isn’t just about having fun and cheering for your favorite team alongside other fans. It’s important to keep your wits about you even while enjoying the excitement.

Some key things to remember:

  • See gambling as a way to enjoy yourself, not a way to make money. Keeping a realistic outlook is really important;
  • Don’t rush to win back what you’ve lost. There are more chances ahead to turn things around;
  • Only start playing with money you can afford to lose, sticking to that limit you’ve set;
  • Keep an eye on how much time and money you’re putting into it. Staying aware helps keep betting in check.
About Practicing Responsible Gaming on the 1Win website

Curbing Gaming Obsession: A Preventive Approach

While lots of folks see gambling as a fun hobby, there’s a group of players dealing with obsession. Recent studies say only a small number of grown-ups deal with this dependency. Still, it’s super important to remember:

  • Luck drives gaming. There aren’t any guaranteed “tricks” or “systems” for winning;
  • You should want to play because you genuinely enjoy it;
  • Seeing betting as something entertaining, not a quick way to get rich or solve money problems, is really important;
  • Being careful about how much you spend on gaming is crucial;
  • Knowing the rules of the game before you start is a must.
Prevention of addiction to the 1Win team

How to Recognise a Gaming Addiction?

Figuring out if you’re just into healthy gaming or leaning towards addiction can be tough. But certain signs might show that there could be problems for people really into betting.

Here’s an invitation for you to take a crack at 10 questions. If you find yourself saying “yes” to 5 or more, there might be a chance gaming holds a bit too much sway:

  1. Do you actively engage in gaming?
  2. Have you been gradually upping the amounts you bet?
  3. Do you resort to borrowing money for betting?
  4. Are your gaming sessions consistently longer than planned?
  5. Have frequent trips to staking spots affected how people see you?
  6. Do you feel frustrated or disappointed when you can’t gamble?
  7. Is betting a way to escape from your troubles?
  8. Do you often try to win back what you’ve lost?
  9. Have your attempts to control how much you bet or how long you play not worked out?
  10. Are you hiding your love for betting from your family?
1Win test to determine gambling addiction

Strategies for Regulating Gambling Behaviors

The 1Win India bookmaker has compiled tips to help you avoid gaming addiction:

  • When you’re at the betting place, set a time limit for how long you’ll play games. Stick to it;
  • Decide on the maximum amount you’re willing to lose and don’t go over that limit;
  • Avoid using borrowed money for betting;
  • Find new hobbies that go well with gaming. It can be a good way to switch things up;
  • If you’re feeling upset or stressed, it’s best to avoid gaming spots;
  • Try techniques like self-exclusion to protect yourself.
Responsible Gaming Strategy for 1Win